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Study Seeks Input from Tucson's Hispanic Community on the Anza Trail

by Magda Mankel

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Participate in a Discussion / Participe en una Discusión:

Monday, July 13, 2015
5:00 - 7:00
Woods Memorial Library
3455 N. First Ave. Tucson, Az.
Thursdya, July 16, 2015
11:00 - 1:00
Santa Rosa Library
1075 S. 10th Ave. Tucson, Az.


I am a graduate student at the University of Maryland, College Park who is currently interning with the National Park Service (NPS) and the Juan Bautista de Anza Historic Trail (Anza Trai).

This summer, I am conducting a research project that seeks to understand how the Anza Trail, national parks, and other historic places near Tucson, Arizona can be made more relevant and accessible to Tucson’s Hispanic population.

The main research objectives of this project include: (1) exploring how Hispanics living in Tucson understand national parks, historic places, and cultural heritage; (2) identifying places that are significant to Tucson’s Hispanic population; (3) identifying barriers that may prevent individuals from visiting historic places and the Anza Trail; and (4) exploring what events, activities, or site components would encourage participants to visit historic places and the Anza Trail.

One of the reasons for conducting this project is because previous research by NPS has shown that a low percentage of Hispanics visit National Parks and historic places. A second reason is to gain a better understanding of the places, customs, historical narratives, and site components that interest Tucson’s Hispanic community.

Information gathered through this project will be used to make historic places in and near Tucson more relevant and accessible to Tucson’s Hispanic community. This information will also be used to develop educational programs and community outreach programs.

In order to accomplish these objectives, I will lead five focus group discussions with about eight adults (18+ years of age) who identify as Hispanic or Latino and live in Tucson. These focus groups will take place at five different Pima County Public Libraries and they will be in English and Spanish.

Please review the attached flyer for the dates, times, and locations. Those who attend and complete a discussion will receive a $20 travel reimbursement, a one-day pass to Saguaro National Park, refreshments and food.

A separate focus group discussion will be held for community leaders who have experience working on projects that involve historic sites, the Anza trail, cultural heritage, or community outreach in Hispanic communities. This focus group will take place at the Historic Y (738 North 5th Avenue, Tucson Arizona) on July 30 at 6:00 p.m.

Please contact me by email at to sign up for one of the discussions or to learn more!

Participe en una discusión

El Servicio de Parques Nacionales tendrá reuniones. Queremos oír sus opiniones sobre los lugares históricos en y cerca de Tucson. 
Ayúdenos a hacer los lugares históricos y la Ruta de Anza más accesible e importante.

Las reuniones serán en inglés y en español.

Pase de un día al Saguaro National Park
Bebidas y comida

¿Quién puede participar?
Adultos (18+) Hispanos/ Latinos que vivan en Tucson, Az.

1 hora 30 minutos a 2 horas

Para registrarse llame o envié un correo electrónico a:
Magda Mankel

*Limitado a una persona por hogar*


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