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Las Lagunas de Anza Installs New Bird and Wildlife Observation Deck

by Arlyn Johnson, Project Manager, Santa Fe Ranch Foundation and Las Lagunas de Anza

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Don Clemans, lead volunteer at Las Lagunas de Anza

Santa Fe Ranch volunteer Don Clemans and his son Allan have designed and installed a beautiful new bird and wildlife observation deck at Las Lagunas de Anza.

The observation deck has multiple windows for children of all ages to be able to view the ducks and birds in the marsh without being seen. The site also has signage which provides information regarding the birds that make their home at Las Lagunas or travel through the area on their migration route.

Don Clemans, as the lead volunteer at Las Lagunas de Anza, has been instrumental in the site's development for nearly five years. He has given his time and talents towards many projects at Las Lagunas that benefit local school children including a 75-foot boardwalk, ramadas, signage, lighting, irrigation and more.

Las Lagunas de Anza, a natural wetland managed by the Santa Fe Ranch, is also known as Campsite #13 on the Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail. The site is open to the public on weekends or by appointment and is available at no charge for school field trips.

In addition to the new observation deck, Las Lagunas offers walking trails, an outdoor classroom, a heritage garden, environmental and historical interpretive signage. The Santa Fe Ranch Foundation provides interpretation for the schools that visit.

For more information or to schedule a visit, please call the office at 520-287-7051 or email:


Don Clemans, lead volunteer at Las Lagunas de Anza

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