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An Illustrated Hike Along the New Miller Trail

by BriAnna Weldon, Anza Trail Outdoor Recreation Planner

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Views of the George Miller Regional Trail

Winter time in the Bay Area brings a sense of unpredictable adventure when planning outdoor excursions, and this proved true on my latest planned walk along the newest-completed segment of the Anza Trail, the new George Miller Regional Trail in Martinez, CA. Despite the rainy day, the trail was busy with dog walkers, bikers, and hikers, winding through the hills touched with autumn colors and catching site of the Amtrak, the cargo ships, and the cities across the Bay.

The Miller Trail is part Carquinez Strait Scenic Loop Trail, part Anza Trail, part San Francisco Bay Trail, and all beautiful panoramic views of the Carquinez Strait and surrounding landforms –- even on a rainy day. The route originally opened as a connector road in the early 1900s and later became known as the Carquinez Scenic Loop. This recently completed segment is the newest in the East Bay Regional Park District loop and EBRPD continues to commemorate the Expedition and exploration of the San Francisco Bay and Delta throughout the entirety of the East Bay. Today, the reopened 1.7-mile multi-use road-to-trail runs from Martinez to Crockett and Port Costa, accessible from Carquinez Scenic Road through the Martinez Regional Shoreline and from the Crockett Hills Regional Park.

The Miller Trail is open to the public 5AM - 10PM seven days a week.

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Getting to the Trail
From San Francisco, take I-80 East over Bay Bridge six miles (get in center/left lane) to split for 80-580/24. Continue on I-80 East for 15 miles to Exit 23 for Highway 4 East. Take that exit, merge onto Highway 4 and drive 8.7 miles to the exit for Alhambra Avenue/Martinez. Take that exit to Alhambra Avenue. Turn left and go 2.1 miles. Alhambra turns left (as it enters Martinez) and becomes Buckley Street, and continue 0.1 mile to Talbart Street. Turn right on Talbart and go very short distance to Carquinez Scenic Drive. Turn left and go half mile to Nejedly Staging Area on left. Park and ride your bike west on Carquinez Scenic Drive.


Views of the George Miller Regional Trail
Watercolors by BriAnna Weldon

Bay View
Watercolors by BriAnna Weldon

Watercolors by BriAnna Weldon

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