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Tubac Presidio's Shaw Kinsley Receives Top Honor

by Friends of the Tubac Presidio and Museum

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Shaw Kinsley, director of the Tubac Presidio State Historic Park, received the Al Merito Award – the highest honor The Arizona Historical contributions and who serve as role models for preserving Arizona’s rich history. Kinsley was Museum, the Tubac Historical Society, and the Santa Cruz Valley Citizens Council.  

was appointed director of the Presidio Park in 2010 by the Tubac Historical budgetary cutbacks. That responsibility has since transferred to the Friends of the Presidio.

Under Kinsley's leadership, the Tubac Presidio is thriving with increased attendance, improved acceptance speech, Kinsley gave credit for his success to the many hours donated by the Tubac history are an inspiration to the community.


Text of the Arizona Historical Society honor:

The Arizona Historical Society pAL MERITO AWARD Shaw Kinsley history of Tubac, Tubac Presidio State Park, and the Santa Cruz Valley

The Al Merito Award honors individuals and organizations from every corner of the state that have conserving historical objects and archives, and by recording oral histories from Arizonans of today for made outstanding contributions and serve as role models for preserving Arizona’s rich history. Named meritorious service to the Republic, al merito literally translates for merit. Today, the Arizona Historical Arizona history.

Nominated by 3 non-profit organizations

1. The Tubac Historical Society

2. Friends of the Tubac Presidio and Museum

3. Santa Cruz Valley Citizens Council

Summary of Nomination

All three of these organizations believe that Mr. Shaw Kinsley is more than deserving of recognition for aspects of our historical heritage to a position of great importance both here and to the many visitors the history of this part of the world is extraordinarily broad and complete and his willingness to share it its preservation which is evidenced by the group of over 50 volunteers that he has put together to for Christmas day. Without them, the Presidio would be boarded up. Without Shaw we wouldn’t have park attendance by 21% last year and in January of this year our attendance is up 55% so we are beating our goals.


L to R: Gwen Griffin, Secretary of the Tubac Historical Society; Jim Patterson, President of the Santa Cruz Valley Citizens Council; Earl Wilson, President of the Friends of the Tubac Presidio & Museum; Shaw Kinsley, Director of the Tubac Presidio State Historic Park

Shaw Kinsley and Anne Woosley, Executive Director of the Arizona Historical Society.

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