Junior Rangers, Credits and Thanks

The Anza Junior Ranger Web Site is an educational project of the Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail made by Stanley C. Bond, Ph.D., Superintendent and David Smith, Interpretive Specialist.

The historic and audio-visual content of this web site depends heavily upon two resources prepared under National Park Service Challenge Cost Share Grants. These include:

1. The Online Trail Guide and companion Audio CD, which were developed by Dr. Greg Bernal-Mendoza Smestad, an 8th generation descendant of several members of the 1775-1776 Anza expedition, and;

2. The California grade-school curriculum, developed by the Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation. Kathy Chalfant was a principle contributor to the curriculum and provided valuable assistance toward the creation of this web site.

Greg Smestad added immeasurably to this web site in a number of ways, most notably by greatly facilitating access to the wonderful collection of sound files that grace the Anza Trail Guide CD, many of which can be found on the Music & Sounds Section of this web site. Greg also made a number of recommendations regarding the site content, most of which were adopted, greatly improving what you find here today.

Others who helped in the site testing and/or made valuable comments, corrections and suggestions during the developmental stage of the Junior Ranger Web Site project include: Douglas Barteld, Thea Cremers, James Felland, Ed Leska, Andrea Morden, Bruce Morden, Allie Pressman, Jerry Pressman and Elaine Rymills.


David Rickman crafted all of the expedition character images, which are shown on page choosechar.php and throughout the pages of the virtual expedition. He is also responsible for the images on pages c2-11.php, c2-13.php, c2-14.php and c2-18FM.php.

Bill Singleton, Pima County Graphics, prepared the images on pages intro.php and c2-07.php.

The full-color images on page c2-06.php and c2-08.php were created by Bill Ahrendt. The black-and-white photograph on c2-08.php is reproduced courtesy of the Bancroft Collection.

The National Park Service supplied the color photographs on page c2-10.php, c2-14x.php and c2-16.php (bottom left). The remaining photos (of Chumash artifacts) on c2-16.php were provided by Dr. Michael Glassow, Dept. of Anthropology, Univ. of Calif., Santa Barbara. The image on page c2-12.php is from a National Park Service diorama.

Theresa Potter created the image on page c2-15.php. The image on page c2-19FM.php was provided courtesy of the Bancroft Library, Univ. of Calif., Berkeley.


All of the audio selections shared on the Sounds & Music Page are from the Online Trail Guide Audio CD. The individual artists — including Lance Beeson, Calicanto, Don Garate, Ron Kiel, Noel Milburn, the New World Baroque Orchestra, Michael Phillips and John Warren — are acknowledged in greater detail in the Music & Sounds Section. Or, CLICK HERE to learn more about the Anza Trail Guide Audio CD Project and the CD's contents.

The sounds of gunfire (expedition page c2-15.php) and of sea lions and waves (expedition page c2-18FM.php) were recorded by Greg p. Smestad, Ph.D. They are also from the Anza Trail Guide Audio CD.

Voice audio on expedition page c2-14.php was provided by Ms. Madeline Atkinson.

The Chameleon Flash Sound Player used on the Music & Sounds page was donated by Lucid Flash.

The Anza Junior Ranger Web Site was created with a National Park Service Challenge Cost Share Grant by the Institute for American Research, Goleta, California Gary B. Coombs, Ph.D., Director